Fake Phone Hacking

I had the idea of this application after a night session of server maintenance, where me and two colleagues were using advanced (for my limited knowledge) UNIX commands to understand why our server was unreachable… I imagined what I would have done if I saw the same commands on my mobile phone… I would have thought to an hacking !

Lately, I decided not to use cryptic commands like

netstat -nap | grep 3306 | wc -l

Because not too many persons would be aware of the meaning … (something like “tell me how many connections to a mysql server you have…”). So I decided to mimic an hacking and explaining it step by step…

The worst thing, I am aware, is the advertisment, and that’s the reason why I published “Fake Phone Hacking PRO” app, costing 0.50€ (the minimum possible). Unfortunately a VERY SMALL number of persons decided to buy the PRO app, so I decided to completely remove it from the Play Store… I gave it a try but it wasn’t a success ! 😦

Here are the link to download Fake Phone Hacking (free version)


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