Hand Mirror – Languages info 03/04/2012

Here I am with the weekend stats update corner. Hand mirror is doing good, but it could do better. After the new interface for the first page was introduced, now gallery is used every day more.

1 Italian (Italia) 13.3%
2 Spanish (Spain) 12.9%
3 Portuguese (Brazil) 10.9%
4 Czech (Czech Republic) 10,8%
5 English (US) 10,3%
6 French (France) 7,9%
7 Korean (South Korea) 5,5%
8 English (UK) 3,4%
9 German (Germany) 3,4%

My comments:

  1. Italian is declining again… how long will it be on the first position ? This is clearly a “sbooming”… sigh ! I need to conquer italian trust once again ! šŸ˜‰
  2. Portuguese is growing ! Right today I saw that it reached the 3rd position, passing Czech. I know I promised a Portuguese version of the app: I hope to be able to offer it to you soon ! By the time… go on downloading !
  3. Czech is declining too… looking in the new version of Android statistics I see that there was some single days when Czech was on #2, but now we’re well below the spanish share !
  4. Korean reached 5,5% ! I bet the share will rise again ! Any volunteer to give a hand in translating the app? šŸ™‚

Stay tuned

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