Hand Mirror – Languages info 02/18/2012

Hi all, once more I have to wait till weekend to publish updates about language percentage for Hand Mirror: this is the situation on February 18th 2012

1 Italian (Italia) 14.9%
2 Spanish (Spain) 13.2%
3 Czech (Czech Republic) 11.9%
4 Portuguese (Brazil) 9,8%
5 English (US) 9,5%
6 French (France) 7,5%
7 Korean (South Korea) 5,0%
8 English (UK) 3,9%
9 German (Germany) 3,3%
10 Russian (Russian Federation) 2,9%

My comments:

  1. Italian share is going down day after day… Spanish is  not growing too much, but who knows… there will be a new language at the top soon ?
  2. My prevision on Czech is a little slow to realize… Czech is always at #3, really close to Spanish.
  3. Korean reached 5% ! And once more, I think the share will rise again !

Stay tuned

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