Fake Phone Hacking – Nations info 02/11/2012

Hi there,

I am glad to announce that Fake Phone Hacking reached today, Feb. 11th 2012, the 10K downloads ! Thanks to all the ones who downloaded (and hopefully liked) this app ! And try to guess: the incredible percentage of 57.8 % we had some days ago for people from India was BEATEN ! Here is the new statistics !

1 India 64.7%
2 U.S. 8.4%
3 U.K. 5.6%
4 Belgium 2.2%
5 Greece 1.3%
6 Ireland 1.3%
7 Indonesia 1.3%
8 Denmark 0.9%
9 Malaysia 0.9%
10 Germany 0,8%

My comments:

  1. I am aware that with such a percentage for India, even a dozen of installations for a nation would change this statistic, but I am happy to read nations like “Indonesia and Malaysia” that usually are not on the top of the IT charts !

Stay tuned

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